What’s Cooking? 7/2/12

Hello from Vegetarian Mamma!  Over at Vegetarian Mamma we celebrate food, family and life!  We understand first hand how life can be so busy! We have been working hard to create fun and simple weekly meal plans just for your family!  We like to keep our meals simple, often times you can make them ahead and even store some meals in the freezer!  We focus on recipes that are adaptable!  For example, if a recipe calls for Vegan Cheese, you can sub that out for Dairy Cheese.  Not a vegetarian? That’s okay, feel free to add in a cup of diced chicken to a meal.  Recipes that taste good, are simple to make and can be adapted to everyone’s eating needs are what we strive for!

Let’s take a look at this week’s dinner menu:

The risotto is a yummy grown up dish that even kids will like!  If you cut the brownies into reasonable portions, you will have a sweet treat all week long!

Tuesday– Better Batter Waffles,  Scrambled Eggs and Fresh Orange Juice
This is a fun night!  Its switch around night!  Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Whip up a triple batch of waffles using your Better Batter mix!  What you don’t eat, freeze for future quick breakfasts! Have some fun and make some freshly squeezed OJ.
**TIP: Prep and make your Sweet Chili tonight, this will let the flavors come together overnight.  I promise you’ll be happy with the sweet flavors tomorrow night!
Tonight is an easy night since you already made your Sweet Chili.  Just whip up your tasty Cornbread Muffins and enjoy!
Thursday– Spring Green Pasta
This is a fun recipe that involves easy homemade pasta. I would suggest doubling the pasta recipe if you have 3 or more people in your family. The recipe uses brightly colored spring vegetables and has a splash of red wine!
Friday– Broiled Tomato Sammys  on homemade Gluten Free Bread with a simple salad.
“TGoodnessIF”, tonights meal is simple!  These tasty sammys will be a hit!  Pair with a simple salad of your choice and you are set! Be sure to add some fresh veggies to your salad to get an extra serving of vegetables in!

We like to keep a fun variety in our meal plans, for example we always try to do a “breakfast for dinner” one time each week.  Our kids love that!

Have you ever tried having breakfast for dinner?  If so, what did your family think?

See you next week!

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Cindy is the owner and author of Vegetarian Mamma and is a foodie who loves to blog about gluten free vegetarian/vegan recipes. Her family also focuses on foods that are peanut, tree nut, dairy, soy and gluten free. Cindy's family is dedicated to finding/creating recipes and products that fit their families allergy needs. Cindy resides in Ohio with her husband and two boys (born '07 & '10). She enjoys spending time with her family, the outdoors, gardening, wine and cooking!

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