What’s Cooking? 11/5/2012

What a crazy week it was last week! From Halloween craziness to the weather whirlwind that much of the United States felt! Whether you experienced a blizzard, hurricane or sun (or all of the above) I hope that your week was a safe one!

As a quick reminder, we like to keep our meals simple, often times you can make them ahead and even store some meals in the freezer!  We focus on recipes that are adaptable; for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers alike!


Just looking at this picture makes me so excited for Monday night dinner!  This dish is packed with warmth and is perfect for a fall (soon to be winter) day! Be sure to portion your cookies and you can have a sweet treat all week long!
TuesdayPumpkin Bread served with fresh fruit
Its breakfast for dinner night! I am excited to share this easy pumpkin bread recipe with you!  One of my fantastic neighbors made this bread!  We took the recipe and made it gluten free! I know you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!  Just can’t get enough pumpkin!
WednesdayBlack Bean and Squash Chili served with warm cornbread muffins
I was searching for the perfect Black Bean Chili recipe and my blogging friend Peggy, over at Allergy Free Test Kitchen shared her recipe with me! Let me tell you the combo of black beans and squash is certainly a keeper! YUM!
Do you love avocados?  Me too!  If you love avocados this is the dish for you!  Even “likers” of avocados will become lovers of them after you taste this dish! This is a pasta dish that we ate all summer and continue to enjoy as the weather turns chilly! Just can’t get enough of the green goodness!
I know….I know…this isn’t our typical pizza or sandwich Friday night.  BUT…I promise that this recipe is easy peasy and simple enough for our laid back Fridays! TIP: since you will have two items that need to be baked in the oven, place the tofu nuggets into the oven after you have “flipped’ the fries.  Bake for about 8 minutes or until warm!  Serve with extra BBQ sauce for dipping!

I love BBQ sauce! What is your favorite dipping sauce?


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Cindy is the owner and author of Vegetarian Mamma and is a foodie who loves to blog about gluten free vegetarian/vegan recipes. Her family also focuses on foods that are peanut, tree nut, dairy, soy and gluten free. Cindy's family is dedicated to finding/creating recipes and products that fit their families allergy needs. Cindy resides in Ohio with her husband and two boys (born '07 & '10). She enjoys spending time with her family, the outdoors, gardening, wine and cooking!

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