The Week’s Good Eats- Week of May 5th


It’s May!  That means it’s time to fire up those grills!  Are you ready for grilling season?  I sure am!

Let’s get right on to the menu this week.

Monday-  On Monday, start the week off with these Coconut Glazed Doughnut Holes.  Then, for dinner enjoy this Honey Seared Chicken!

Tuesday-  Make Tuesday a breakfast for dinner night with your favorite breakfast meat and these Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes!

Wednesday-  Do you miss the taste of Pretzel Rolls?  If so, then these are for you, try out these Pretzel Bread Sandwiches.

Thursday-  Take a break Thursday and enjoy this Slow Cooker Honey Ginger Chicken.

Friday-  On Friday fire up the grill and make Balsamic Grilled Steaks with a Garlic & Olive Oil Kale Salad.  Then, for dessert enjoy a slice of this to die for Gluten Free Carrot Cake!

That looks like a great week of eats to me.  Happy May Menu Planning!


About Kristy

Kristy Still is the creator of Mommy Hates Cooking, where she shares her love/hate relationship with cooking. She enjoys sharing her stories of melted spoons and burnt oven mitts to original recipes. Find out more about Kristy at Mommy Hates Cooking, Facebook, and Twitter.

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