The Week’s Good Eats- Week of March 4th

March is here!  That means spring is right around the corner, right?  I sure hope so!  I know many parts of the country were snowed in last week and we were supposedly going to be.  Sadly, I woke up in the morning to nothing but wet grass and a little drop of snow on the car but nothing worth calling it a ‘snow day’.

So with that, I’m ready for spring now.

Let’s get on to this week of good eats!

Monday-  Start your week off with a light treat with this Poached Egg Chicken Salad with Bacon.  It’s perfect served with a bowl of Cream of Tomato Soup on the side!

Tuesday- On Tuesday try one of my new favorites Cilantro Lime Rice with Black Bean Tacos.  I suggest making an extra batch of those tacos, they are that good! 

Wednesday- On Wednesday enjoy a family favorite with this Homemade Hamburger Helper!  Add all types of your favorite veggies to give it even more

Thursday- On Thursday serve up Mexi Peppers!  Then, save room for dessert with an Apple Crisp.

Friday-  On Friday enjoy pizza night with a BLT Pizza!  Then, finish off the night with dessert making this Banana Mocha Cake!

I hope you all enjoy the recipes this week!

About Kristy

Kristy Still is the creator of Mommy Hates Cooking, where she shares her love/hate relationship with cooking. She enjoys sharing her stories of melted spoons and burnt oven mitts to original recipes. Find out more about Kristy at Mommy Hates Cooking, Facebook, and Twitter.

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