The Week’s Good Eats- Week of June 24th


Today, my husband and I are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary!  It’s been a great 7 years, so many good memories a few bad ones of course but that is just how marriage goes!  The good thing is you get over those moments and move on to the good ones.

With that, we are having a nice, romantic meal tonight at home after the kids go to bed.  That’s just the season we are in right now, so it’s an easy at home date night!

After that it turns into a pretty normal week around here.  Lots of swimming and fun time outside is in our future!


Monday we are going to serve up Grilled Rosemary Steaks with Grilled Sweet Honey Corn.  Of course we need a dessert, right?  So, I think we will probably have a simple plate of brownies!


Make Tuesday and easy night with this Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken.  It’s simple and sweetly perfect!


Now how about breakfast for dinner?  You will thank me later after you eat this Bacon Stuffed Omelet!  Yum!  This would be perfect using veggies straight from your garden or farmer’s market!


It’s time for a stir fry, try out this delicious Steak Stir Fry!  Have some family fun with a plate of these Apple Nachos for a snack or dessert!


I’m in the mood for Spaghetti Squash so I will be making this Spaghetti Squash Medley for Friday night dinner!  We may skip dessert and enjoy some popsicles and an evening walk!

Happy Cooking!

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Kristy Still is the creator of Mommy Hates Cooking, where she shares her love/hate relationship with cooking. She enjoys sharing her stories of melted spoons and burnt oven mitts to original recipes. Find out more about Kristy at Mommy Hates Cooking, Facebook, and Twitter.

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