Recipe Notes to Help with Your Gluten Free Baking PLUS Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake with Fudge Sauce!

We cannot let Valentine’s Day pass us by without a rich chocolate dessert!

I have just the recipe to delight all your sweethearts (whether or not they are gluten free) this year and you’re sure to love it, too! That’s because this cake bakes up right in the slow cooker.

You really won’t believe the results…tender moist cake with a thick creamy fudge sauce and deep chocolate flavor. Outstanding!

Be sure to add my Slow Cooker Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with Fudge Sauce to your Valentine’s Day menu.

Before you take off for the kitchen, I have a few recipe notes for you that may help as you prepare this, and any other gluten free dessert.

Recipe Notes to Help You Achieve Glutem Free Baking Success

Sometimes, especially when you’re new to gluten free baking or cooking, it would be nice to have someone in the kitchen with you to guide you along the way, sharing little tips and tricks that are only learned through experience.

It seems there are always tips and ideas I want to share. They come up when I am in my own kitchen baking for my family.

When preparing a weeknight meal, I often wonder if you know the best way to bake a potato quickly so it stays tender and fluffy, or if you have my trick to infuse loads of flavor into a pork sirloin roast with little effort.

When it comes to baking in the Gluten Free Test Kitchen, there seem to be countless tips I’d like to share to help you achieve consistent results in your gluten free baking…every time.

While typing in the slow cooker cake recipe linked above, I decided to share a few of these tasty baking morsels with you. Some of you will know them all, others will be delighted to learn something new.

Either way, I hope you find something useful here, be it the tips, the recipe…or both.

1. Flour Blends

  • If you’re not ready to blend your own gluten free flours, don’t overlook high-quality, fail-safe pre-packaged gluten free flour blends like Better Batter! A great product from a great company.
  • You may find my article on storing, measuring and sifting gluten free flours useful, too. I dispel some of the common myths about how our gluten free flours must be stored in my article, “REAL Gluten Free Flour Power“. It’s filled with lots of useful info on all types of gluten free flours used in baking.
2. Sugar
  • In the slow cooker cake recipe, I note we can use white granulated, light brown or coconut sugar. All will yield equally delicious results. This is typically the case for most recipes.
  • White granulated and brown sugars dissolve in liquid more readily than coconut sugar; however, coconut sugar usually yields excellent results in baked goods when substituted 1:1 for traditional sugar.
  • Brown sugar, either light or dark, adds a touch of moisture that traditional white sugar does not. I love using it in all my chocolate recipes for more depth of flavor.

3. Milk

When we think of milk, most of us think in terms of dairy. For those of us who are dairy-free, many alternative “milks” exist which yield excellent results in our gluten free baking.

I tend to use unsweetened coconut milk for most recipes, sweet or savory. It does not lend a coconut flavor to dishes and I like that it doesn’t have added sugars like some other dairy-free milks do. To be clear, this is not canned coconut milk, but the type in the cold section of the grocery store in a milk carton.

Canned coconut milk is excellent for making dairy free ice cream and dairy-free whipped topping.

Other dairy-free milks are made from rice, soy, hemp, oats, flax, almonds, cashews and even sunflower seed kernels. Look for a product review soon on sunflower seed milk…interesting product and nutrient profile!

In my recipes, use your favorite variety of milk – dairy- or plant-based – in an equal amount to what is called for unless otherwise noted.

So those are our kitchen tips for today. I’d rather be in the kitchen cooking and sharing with you, but this will have to do. 😉

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Gigi 😉

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