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Good, Not Just Good For Gluten-Free!

Other than because my children demand that I get out of bed to make them breakfast (how are they always hungry?), I get up in the morning with the sole purpose of removing one phrase from the lexicon:

Good For Gluten-Free

Oh my word.

How is it that, with gluten-free coming out of our ears these days, we still hear … [Read More...]


Gluten-Free Flours 101

Humble Gluten-Free Flour Beginnings

In 2004, when I first started baking gluten-free, I was a grateful disciple of Bette Hagman, the Gluten-Free Gourmet. I pored over her books, trying desperately to understand enough to enable me to bake something—anything—familiar for my very young, very hungry gluten-free son.

Bette’s many cookbooks were among the very first to make gluten-free baking even … [Read More...]


7 Top Benefits for Consuming In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

Around September 1st, as soon as local “you-pick” orchards open, I pack a picnic basket full of yummy gluten free foods and travel to my family’s favorite apple orchard for a full day of apple picking.

Coming home with several early-season apple varieties, the first thing we do is to make a double batch of applesauce.

That’s a … [Read More...]

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Gluten Free Gigi’s Summer Picnic Survival Guide for Your Gluten Free Diet

Summer celebrations are something we all look forward to, but when the festivities occur in someone else’s back yard, you may feel a little nervous about steering clear of hidden gluten and avoiding possible cross-contamination.

That’s understandable.

The fact is, for those of us who must be on a strict gluten free diet, it is difficult to relax when we … [Read More...]