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How to Talk to Others About Being Gluten Free

As with any big change in your life, changing your diet is bound to cause you some anxiety, at least at first. Going gluten-free is a big step that may feel like it is taking you away from familiar comfort foods, while also distancing you from the people around you. Learning how best to talk to others about being gluten … [Read More...]

label tomato

Label Reading 101 for a Gluten Free Diet {Plus Info on Food Labeling Laws and Food Additives, Useful Tips and More!}

Half-way through Celiac Disease Awareness Month and still loads of info to share with you!

If you’re new to gluten-free living, you may feel overwhelmed. (It gets easier, I promise!)

If you’re an old pro at avoiding gluten, you may feel like you know it all. (Easy there, Honey Bunch, none of us will ever know [Read More...]

Take a Deep Sigh of Relief…Gluten Free is Just a Fad!

It’s true! Let’s stop this silly charade and get on with our lives.

No more searching for birthday cake recipes for a whiny Celiac spouse.

Forget struggling to locate the perfect recipe for Gluten Free Casein Free Pizza Crust so our Autistic child can feel just a tiny bit “normal”.

We can even, thankfully, stop spending all that extra money … [Read More...]