Before You Kiss, Read This {You Can Get Gluten Contamination from a Kiss}

Happy New Years’ Eve!

I hope you have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year; however, before you lean in for that New Years’ kiss, think twice.

If you have Celiac disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, kissing someone who is not gluten free can lead to a rocky start for 2013.

That’s because gluten present in the mouth or on the lips of your partner can make its way to your mouth, too.

While the simple solution would seem to insist your partner refrains from eating gluten for the day, it’s not that simple.

Even if those other lips avoid gluten-containing foods, gluten contamination can also occur if your partner recently:

  • Drank regular beer
  • Applied lip products (lip balm, lip-gloss or lipstick) that contain gluten
  • Applied other gluten-containing cosmetics or skin care products near the mouth
  • Brushed with a gluten-containing toothpaste
  • Swished with a gluten-containing mouthwash

Keep in mind:

  • Toothpaste does not fully get rid of gluten.
  • Even after brushing, gluten-containing food particles can be left behind in the teeth.
  • Gluten on hands can be transferred to the face and mouth.

To help keep your New Years’ kiss gluten free, use these tips:

  • Tell your partner about your need to avoid gluten, including how ill you become if you ingest it.
  • Have your gluten-eating partner follow this routine (when possible) after eating: Floss, rinse, brush and rinse again.
  • If flossing and brushing are not possible after eating, I recommend a thorough rinse and waiting several hours before a kiss.
  • Ladies, help keep your gluten free man safe by wearing gluten free lip-gloss or lipstick.
  • Gentlemen, be sure you don’t have any crumbs lingering in facial hair after eating. Tiny crumbs of bread (or other gluten-filled food) can get trapped in your mustache (or other facial hair). It needs to be removed before you make your move!

Now, pucker up! The New Year is almost here!

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Gigi 😉

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