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If you or your child has recently been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, you may be worried, afraid and overwhelmed. We understand that, because we’ve been there too. Finding out about a food allergy can leave you full of questions.

“Can I still eat out at my favorite restaurants?”

“Can I still shop at my local supermarket?”

“Can I still use my grandmother’s recipes?”

“What can I eat?”

Start Gluten Free is a trustworthy resource that answers these questions−and more. There’s no longer a need to Google and try to sift through all of the GF information out there. We’ve got you covered.

Our resources focus on the six key areas of gluten free living, which include:

  • Dealing with Grief: Making the Transition to Gluten Free Life
  • Making Your Home Safe for Gluten Free Living
  • Dealing with the Outside World: Shopping and Traveling Gluten Free
  • Educating Your Family and Associates
  • Saving Money and Time
  • Dealing with Special Issues (Autism, other dietary restrictions, and more)

Your doctor can tell you what is causing you or your family member to need to go gluten free. We can teach you how to do it. Think of us as a welcoming committee for the gluten free community.

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